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We are passionate about horses. We just started out in the last quarter of 2016 and initially most of our efforts were devoted to improving the facilities and leaving them in top shape as well as acquiring adequate horses. We do of course seek to be a profitable venture but our aspirations are best reflected in our mission as follows:

We seek to transmit to our riders the enormous joy of a life shared with horses and equitation. In a beautiful setting, we seek to provide a positive environment that fosters cooperation and knowledge sharing so that our riders can practice and grow confident in their abilities, in their trust and communication with their horses and, eventually, if they choose to, in their competitive capabilities.

We do know that  the competitive nature of equitation makes barns be places that are not so welcoming. At Creekside Equestrian we have made central to our purpose to let everyone know that your aspirations are mostly set in reference to your best self and that all of us are here to help others achieve those aspirations.



Equestrians are human communities...

We, as parents, suffer the challenges imposed by addictive use of media and technology. Aside from riding we encourage our kids to spend time outdoors and with each other. We want them to be able to build a campfire, play volleyball or play fetch with the dogs while knowing everyone's name and interests.