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25630 hufmsith cemetery rd., tomball, tx.  us

We acquired Creekside Equestrian mainly because of its natural beauty and its location close to The Woodlands. We are very aesthetically inclined and we strive to keep a place that is  pleasing and inspiring. 

Our location is only 3 miles from the new Creekside Walmart which makes scheduling a ride or dropping your kids for lessons a breeze-of-a-drive from The Woodlands.

We have 22 stalls, 14 in our main barn, 6 in our secondary barn and 2 pasture stalls. We have two beautiful riding arenas; one of them will be covered and turned into an Olympic size dressage arena towards the middle of 2017.

We strive to provide an uncluttered pleasing feel to our facilities. Lauren our main instructor and Tomas our ranch-hand and horse handler are knowledgeable, easy going and helpful as can be.